IFME 2011

International Forum of Mechanical Engineering was held Thursday, 2011-11-24 until Saturday 2011-11-26 in Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Dornbirn, Austria.

The Forum theme was Simulation Methods in Industrial Labour and Education (SMILe).

Simulation is becoming ever more important in all fields of engineering. A better understanding and a more realistic analysis of the behaviour of technical products before the first prototypes are built contributes significantly to the quality of development processes and products. Simulations are used in all areas of product development. However, most of the time mechanical, electronic and other aspects are treated separately. The interplay of these different disciplines and their respective simulations is becoming more and more important but is only realized to a limited extent. Research is carried out into promising approaches that could be put into practice, and if more simulations can be done across domains, mistakes, problems and other complications can be reduced or avoided from the outset. This forum wants to look at applications and what this means for the study programme. Companies can express their requirements, which can be taken into account when implementing the curriculum. Universities of Applied Sciences benefit from the input provided by industry, enabling them to develop strategies to prepare students for the requirements in their future workplace.

IFME 2011 Program