Private Fachakademie für Heilpädagogik

Working with BSG, Private Fachakademie fur Heilpadagogik (PFH), will be responsible for the overall valorisation of the project. Additionally BSG along with PFH will coordinate the piloting of Outcome 3. BSG and PFH will work together to coordinate a transnational event in October 2016 focusing on the development of Outcome 3, concurrently preparing a multiplier event focusing on piloting of Outcome 3 so far and the best practices exhibition (Outcome 1).

PFH is a private Further Education college for special education in Augsburg. We offer education and training for staff in the field of social work with disadvantaged people. In order to educate well-qualified professionals we cooperate with several institutions for children and youth services, institutions for vocational training and hospitals. Our college has extensive experience in preparing students to be able to help people with disadvantages to participate in everyday life and the workplace. There are approximately 20 teachers at the College with lengthy experience in the field of supporting the education of people to work with those who have SEND and disadvantages. Study programmes combine theoretical and practical competences. Students at PFH must have qualifications in secondary studies in either social education or special education. In our post-secondary college we differentiate and deepen the competences of their first qualification. We offer the degree of  "staatlich anerkannte Heilpadagogen".

Within a 4-year part time education programme we educate about 50 students in two classes. In addition to their studies, all of our students are working in their first qualified role, either in social work or institutions for children, young people or adults with special needs. The goal of our education programme is the development of knowledge in theories of special education, psychology, social science, medicine and law. Additionally we train students in professional competences in communication and mentoring, consultation, diagnosis, play therapy, motortherapy, social and quality management and others. An important part of our education is to build up personal skills to enable our students to work well both independently and in multiprofessional teams. During their studies they
have to complete several training periods with specific tasks in different institutions.

As we cooperate with a lot of institutions for vocational and educational training for our placements, the students are learning to counsel young people regarding transition to their further careers. Some of the students work with young people through the transition from school to VET to the workplace. Our Fachakademie fur Heilpadagogik is certified by the quality system of DIN EN ISO 9001/2008.


Berufsschule Sankt Georg (BSG) zur sonderpaedagogischen Foerderung Kempten

BSG is a state-registered private Vocational Educational Training College (VET College) for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). It belongs to the Berufsbildungs- und Jugendhilfezentrum Sankt Georg in Kempten and to the education institutions of the Katholische Jugendfuersorge der Dioezese Augsburg e.V..

The college programme leads to the successful completion of vocational education, supporting transition to working life and thus participation in wider society. To enter the college, students have to be identified and reported as having SEN. These students have learning disabilities and/or social and emotional problems and individualized support is provided.

The BSG has about 400 students between the ages of 15 – 23 years; in exceptional cases students can also be older, up to 35 years. About 300 students of the BSG use the German dual vocational training system (Duales System) to get trained and qualified for a job. The final qualifications for skilled jobs are the same as for students in regular VET Colleges. The audits are carried out by the official Chambers.
About 90 students are in vocational training classes for students with SEN who are not yet ready for VET programmes.  Additionally about 10 students with SEN are unemployed and need support for motivation and planning for living, learning and working.

Additionally two teachers of the BSG are a “mobile special education service” (MSD – Mobiler Sonderpaedagogischer Dienst) for the students with SEN at the regular VET Colleges in Kempten.  In the vocational field “metal processing technology” the BSG cooperates with Berufsschule I, the regular VET College in Kempten. The educational staff, such as teachers for special education, advise students about their future plans. They focus on topics such as self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses, creating personal profiles and encouraging interests.

During internships in companies, staff also advise workplace mentors of trainees, mediate in conflicts and contribute to the successful completion of training and internships. Furthermore, at the end of the training they support students in the job application process and with transition processes for successful careers.

During the educational programmes offered by the college, the focus is not only on specific preparation for a particular career field, but also on general competences such as mathematics, reading and comprehending texts. Workplace internships complete the students’ experiences.
BSG currently offers professional studies in the vocational fields of catering & housekeeping, business & sales, painting & decorating, metal processing technology, building, horticulture & landscaping and body care.