Automation and robotics are one of JAMK's six areas of expertise. The industrial robotics laboratories located on JAMK main campus cover many robotics-related environments and technologies.

By combining the multidisciplinary skills in automation and robotics, JAMK provides testing and piloting services as well as simulation environments for companies and organizations.

Robotics by JAMK has been established to serve companies and organizations that could utilize robotics in their operations. The aim of the center is to raise awareness of the possibilities of robotics and to lower the threshold for the  commissioning of robotics. We provide robotics testing and piloting services, training and RDI activities in cooperation with companies.

Automation of companies operations and services, as well as robotisation, aim to increase companies productivity. The introduction of robotics has a direct impact on organizational structure, work processes and competence, but also on employee motivation, well-being at work and workplace culture.

The latest development in robotics are represented by collaborative robots and mobile robots operating in the same space as humans. They can be used to reduce the workload on production lines, in nursing work and in homes for example. In business, we are focusing on solutions to accelerate decision-making through software robotics and automation.

Robotics research and development

JAMK conducts strong RDI activities in close cooperation with companies. Multidisciplinary research and development of robotics is one of our strengths.

Here are a few examples of our project activities.


Robots on Road

The aim of the project is to establish a center of excellence and co-operation network in robotics called Robotics by JAMK in the Central Finland region, which companies can utilize for testing and piloting industrial robotics. The project also includes an investment project.


Working with robots

The project responds to the need of SMEs to implement business-enhancing robotics and automation solutions in a way that is effective for staff. The target group of the project is SMEs in Central Finland from the service, welfare and manufacturing industries.



The aim of the communication project was to share the latest information related to robotics, to strengthen the skills and community of rural actors, and to support the implementation of technological solutions. The project influenced attitudes related to robotics and encouraged an experimental culture of robotics. Project has completed end of 2020.

Robotics equipment and environments with videos

Robotics by JAMK: industrial technology environments

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Industrial automation and robotics in JAMK

You can also watch the video from here »

Contact information

Riekkinen Juho

Riekkinen Juho

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology
Markkio Henna-Riikka

Markkio Henna-Riikka

Projektipäällikkö, Project Manager
LIKE T&K, Research and Development
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Pekkola Toni

Pekkola Toni

Projektiasiantuntija, Project Specialist
HYVI T&K, Research and Development
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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