Welcome to the podcast series on how to solve the global learning crisis!
The series is produced in The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) programme with the support of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In the podcasts we will explore how Ethiopian, Nepalese, and Mozambican universities will develop their higher education systems and practices to improve student-centred and digital pedagogy, incorporating theory and practice in teacher education, and applying the 21st century skills in their teaching.

Latest episodes:

Overseas education development by HEI-ICI, ministry logo

Overseas education development through HEI-ICI

Mr. Pekka Seppälä from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs discusses the broad overseas development goals relating to education with Graham Burns. Listen to and find out what ‘solving the learning crisis’ means from the Ministry’s point of view.

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Online learning in Nepal podcast, photo of Mount Everest and Nepal Open University.

Online learning in Nepal - an interview with Dr Jeevan Khanal

“Online-learning is not yet appreciated in Nepal”, says Dr Jeevan Khanal from Nepal Open University in his interview with Eila Burns. Tune in to discover what else he tells us about the challenges faced in implementing open and online learning in Nepal. 

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Text transcript: Online learning in Nepal (pdf) | Read also: Article by Jeevan Khanal 

Music branding title and different drums and a double bass

Claudio Ordaz talks about the podcast’s theme tune with Eila Burns

Even “the Maestro” goes out of his comfort zone to learn new things.
Listen to an experienced musician Claudio Ordaz and find out if his background in classical music helped or hindered him to create music for a podcast.

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Text transcript: Music Branding (pdf)

Production team

Eila Burns, Graham Burns & Aki Virmalainen
JAMK University of Applied Sciences 

Initial ideas and design by 
Ratih Adiputri, Pilvi Kivelä & Claudio Ordaz, 
Student teachers of the School of Professional Teacher Education

Matiyas Teshome, Ethiopian Technical University
Local teams in Nepal, Ethiopia and Mozambique