Contents and results

GeNEdu project contents include identifying core competences for gerontological nursing education; organising train-the-trainers workshops with mentoring approach; co-creating Living Labs at each campus of three Chinese institutions, piloting e-learning courses and practical training trials, and developing competence-based curricula. The main results of the project are estimated as the following:

a) a verified Competence Framework describing the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in gerontological nursing; 

b) Handbook on Gerontological Nursing Education in Chinese partner institutions; 

c) built Living Labs; 

d) accredited module of 30 ECTS-credit in gerontological nursing integrated to nursing curricula of each Chinese partner institution. 

The project expects to move the approach of gerontological nursing in China from the care for elderly people towards care with elderly people for successful aging. Also the focus on gerontological nursing education shifts from the traditional, theory-based and teacher-centred pedagogy towards practice oriented, student-centered learning.