Building Open Opportunities for Students and Teachers in Vietnam (BOOST)

Duration of the project: 1 March 2013–31 December 2014
Financier: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, HEI ICI programme
Project Manager: Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen

Description of BOOST


Development Objective

Quang Tri Teacher Training College (QTTTC) delivers quality study programs reflecting the labor market needs and enhancing regional integration.

The purpose of the project

Through the Finland-Vietnam teacher education development network, QTTTC’s competences are further strengthened in building diverse learning environments and labour market cooperation.

The desired situation

QTTTC has diversified and opened up the teaching and learning of teachers and students through investing in using ICT in learning and increasing partnerships at the regional level with employers, non-governmental organisations, and other education institutions. This, in turn, will improve students’ working life skills and enhance regional development.

The approach for capacity building is that the Finnish Experts supported by UTE and HUCE experts facilitate QTTTC in the development work through the Training of Trainers (ToT) approach. The project focuses on facilitating and supporting the QTTTC staff in developing their institution through three different development teams. The three Interdisciplinary Development Teams will be formed around the result areas of the project: ICT in education (ICTE); partnering with working life and project-based learning; and project assessment/action research methodology.


Improved ICT & Learning Resource Centre (LRC) facilities supporting the diversification of learning for students


Through a project-based learning approach, a regional partnership network developed thereby contributing to students' learning and staff's professional development


Working methods, results, and immediate impact of the teacher education development network is monitored and assessed

The main activities

  • Baseline study and evaluation
  • Workshops at QTTTC and at UTE
  • Online workshops for QTTTC and UTE
  • Study visit to Finland regarding the following themes:
    • ICTE
    • Working life cooperation
    • Library services
  • Investment plan and digitalising library
  • UTE pilots 2-4  web-based courses for QTTTC
  • QTTTC pilots web-based courses and participatory development projects with the labour market
  • Published reports and articles

Contact us

Maunonen-Eskelinen Irmeli

Maunonen-Eskelinen Irmeli

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
Opettajankoulutus, Teacher Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education

More information


  • Education success stories around the world, Human Tech Center Magazine, summer/autumn 2013
  • Active in the HEI ICI programme, HAMKinSpire 1/2013, p. 14


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