The job creation processes in the transitional labour market are fragmented. Job seekers are not provided with an integrated chain of services to support employability, e.g. coaching in supported work programmes does not focus on the need to develop the participants’ vocational competences. The development of common practices and goal-oriented guidance opens routes to the open labour market. The aim of The Transitional Labour Market in Central Finland is to create both regionally and functionally flexible and effective services for the transitional labour market by clarifying the collaboration between different actors in the municipalities and regions in the Central Finland area.

TLM Project receives funding from the national section of the ESF Programme for Continental Finland, Priority 2, which aims at promoting employment and sustainable inclusion in the labour market, and preventing social exclusion.
The direct target group consists of the TLM actors and their partners, e.g. municipalities, employment administration, third sector organisations, and partner enterprises. The indirect target group includes unemployed people who have difficulties to enter the open labour market because of the employment structure or because of partial disability to work.

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