Other cooperation in Nepal

We cooperate in Nepal on many levels. Below, you can find information on the HOPE project in which we are one of the partners.

HOPE - Holistic Partnership in Social Work and Health Care Education project (2007-2015)

At the moment we are one of the partners in HOPE project. HOPE is a North-South-South project funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Finland. The goal of the programme is to enhance the human capacity to ensure that people in all participating countries can better contribute to the cultural, socio-economic, and political development of their communities.

In order to achieve this goal, the programme aims to establish long-term links and cooperation between HEIs by supporting projects involving student and teacher exchanges, and to raise the quality of education by sharing skills and information. The programme hopes to address the need for HEIs to also work together in areas other than research and make international cooperation available to a wider audience.

North-South-South HOPE project started in 2007 when the preparatory funding was granted for the partnership of three countries and six partner organisations. The HOPE collaboration has been ongoing with the same partnership in two phases, HOPE 1 2008-2010 and HOPE 2 2011-2013.

International partners

  • Lalitpur Nursing Campus LNC and St. Xavier’s college
  • Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Hue University College of Sciences, Division of Social Work as a new partner starting 2013 in Vietnam

Partners in Finland

  • Diak, University of Applied Sciences is a coordinating institution
  • Centria University of Applied Sciences Department of Humanities and Education and The Department of Health Care and Social Services
  • JAMK, University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College (TEC)

Project work in practise

In the HOPE project, JAMK's Teacher Education College has offered short-term teacher training in intensive courses in participatory and student-cantered and group-based methodology. It has organised the planning phase of intensive courses and evaluation sessions for intensives. According to the feedback of the intensive course teachers, it has been a very fruitful learning process for participants.

JAMK has received over 10 exchange teachers from Nepal and Vietnam as visitor lectures and JAMK has sent two teacher students to Nepal.

HOPE exchange teacher students have promoted a pedagogical methodology in nursing and social work teaching in cooperation with Lalitpur Nursing Campus and St. Xavier’s College. The teaching methodology has developed through Hope intensive courses as well as through a teacher and student exchange. The main achievements of the collaboration have been strengthened South-South cooperation, and new pedagogical methods in use at partner organisations. Students and teachers have reported the exchanges to be valuable.

develops education in Vietnam

Our cooperation in Vietnam started in the late 1990s. Our ongoing development project is Building Open Opportunities for Students and Teachers in Vietnam (BOOST). Read more from BOOST website.

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Leppänen Tuovi

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Opettajankoulutus, Teacher Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Teacher Education College

Hirvonen Maija

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
Jatkokoulutukset, Further Education
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JAMK's Teacher Education College

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We provide teacher education post-degree programmes, continuing education courses, development services, as well as research, development, and innovation activities.

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