Innovative Villages in Estonia

In Estonia Innovative Village Leader project acts around the old Hansa and university town Tartu in the Tartu Province in Southern part of Estonia. That is the area of LAG Tartumaa Arendusselts (TAS), Tartu Rural Development Association. There will be six subprojects working with Innovative Village Project. Now all the villages have their own Leader funding for further developing their ideas.

Check the villages on a map!  

Kaagvere project in Estonia - Kaagveren kylän tuleva kyläkauppa

Kaagvere Village Hall and Shop


 Meeksin kylän kylätalkkarit - Meeksi villagers in Estonia

Meeksi Property Maintenance Service

 Mäeotsa villagers in Estonia

Mäeotsa Ski Resort

 Võnnu workshop in Estonia - Võnnun työpaja


 Ülenurmen kyläläisiä - Villagers of Ülenurme in Estonia

MTÛ Õnnemaa's original plan Ülenurmi Freetime Activities - new project: read more!

 Emajogi Tourism Services - Emajoen vesistömatkailupalvelut

River Emajogi Water Tourism Services