The Institute of Rehabilitation works with several national and international projects and researches.

Project activities

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Service design in home care – evolving competence of the home care personnel: Development of work content and promotion of coping at work by means of collaborative service design

The Finnish Work Environment Fund awarded funding for a two-year research project by JAMK University of Applied Sciences on 28 May 2019. Evolving competence of the home care personnel: Development of work content and promotion of coping at work by means of collaborative service design (Service design study, School of Health and Social Studies, JAMK). The research project will be implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Laukaa and the City of Äänekoski.

According to recent research, the current challenges in home care should be addressed by reforming the staff’s competences, work processes and content to increase the meaningfulness of work, occupational well-being and attractiveness of the sector. The purpose of this two-year study, coordinated by JAMK, is to describe and model the municipalities’ (a) home care service design, (b) the competences needed for it, and (c) how the service design products being developed can be rooted into the reformed service structures. Additionally, (d) the project will examine the changes in the competence, coping at work and work content of the home care staff through their engagement in the development work and familiarisation with service design by means of piloting.

The target group of the study consists of the home care staff (estimate n=100) of the implementing municipalities (Laukaa, Äänekoski) and development teams of three to four persons selected by municipality. The multi-method study will utilise existing data and data that will be compiled during the course of the study. Quantitative data (staff surveys, municipal data on management by knowledge) provide an overview of the phenomenon being studied as a whole, while qualitative data (team focus group discussions and learning diaries) provide an in-depth understanding of the phenomenon being studied. Based on the results, a proposal will be made for a regional home care service design model that supplements the Central Finland customer path developed in the I&O spearhead project. The results can be utilised nationwide.

Research activities

In the field of multidisciplinary rehabilitation, special effort has been put on the development of research at the regional and national level. The aim of applied research is to help in developing new rehabilitation methods and operating models and to increase knowledge of the usability and effectiveness of rehabilitation methods. The activities are practice-oriented and are carried out in collaboration with regional operators and researchers in the field of rehabilitation.