Multidisciplinary rehabilitation is one of the three recognised focus areas of JAMK University of Applied Sciences. We act as a forerunner in rehabilitation, developing the best rehabilitation solutions in collaboration with working and business life.

Forerunner in rehabilitation

We have a significant educational mission, in addition to which we engage in a number of RDI development projects and competent service business and research activities.  

At the heart of everything is a well-functioning everyday life that we pursue in a customer-oriented and multidisciplinary way by promoting working and functioning.

  • Active life and excercise rehabilitation
  • Client and Service guidance and rehabilitation processes
  • Technologies ​and operating environments ​to support rehabilitation

Contact information

Malkki Pertti

Malkki Pertti

Yksikönjohtaja, Director
HYVI Hallinto, Administration
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
Immonen Mirja

Immonen Mirja

Johtaja Kuntoutusinstituutti, Director Institute of Rehabilitation
HYVI Kuntoutus- ja sosiaaliala, Rehabilitation and Social Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies