Withee Poositasai, Computer Engineering, Erasmus+ Global

A Thai student in Finland

"Study groups are here small, so everyone can learn more effectively. In Thailand the Universities are bigger and they are located in big cities. Everyone wants to get into the few famous Universities, so the competition is very high. There are a lot more students per teacher and the study groups are usually very large. Also Finnish University atmosphere is more relax."

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, also known as ‘Erasmus+ Global Mobility’, with partner countries refers to the mobility of students and staff (for learning and teaching) between European higher educational institutions and non-European partners. European universities apply on behalf of the partnership to their National Agencies (Finnish National Agency for Education in Finland) individually or within a consortium for Mobility to/from Partner countries.

JAMK School of Technology received Global Mobility grants of 129,300 Euros in the summer of 2016 to organise mobilities with Thailand and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mobility period is two years. First Erasmus+ Global students from Thailand and Bosnia and Herzegovina studied the Spring semester 2017 at JAMK School of Technology. Thai student Withee Poositasai from KMUTT Computer Engineering tells us about his experiences of the program, JAMK and Finland.

A 2nd year Computer Engineering student from Thailand

Hi, my name is Withee Poositasai, but you can call me just Lookkid. I am from Thailand and I am studying my 2nd year of Bachelor of Computer Engineering at King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT).

I am an exchange student here at JAMK´s Institute of Information Technology through the Erasmus+ Global mobility program. This is my first time in Finland and second time in Europe. I was studying in Paris last summer.

I applied for it!

I am curious about myself and still thinking what I am going to do in my future. I feel like I want to explore the world more and get experiences different from my ordinary everyday life. Those are the reasons why studying abroad as an exchange student came to my mind.

I knew that my home university has partner universities all around the world so I subscribed to an information channel. One day information about JAMK program appeared. I was very excited because Finland is very famous for education and there was a scholarship provided by Erasmus+. So I talked with my family, my coordinator and then straight applied for it!

Education is possible for everyone and the atmosphere is more relax

I feel like the education system in Finland allows possibilities for learning to almost everyone. The Lutakko campus is small but JAMK is spread all around the city. 

Study groups are also small, so everyone can learn more effectively. In comparison in Thailand the universities are bigger and located in the big cities. Everyone wants to get into a few famous universities so the competition is very high. There are a lot more students per teacher and lecture batch are usually very large.

Finnish university atmosphere is more relaxed, whereas Thai University is really strict especially for the official uniform that everyone needs to wear and Thai culture also makes the distance between teacher and student mostly high.

Finnish teachers are more friendly and easier to reach or talk with. Teaching style is fairly similar in both and use of project base learning.

Colours to my old ordinary life

I have a short term plan and that is to graduate, maybe continue for the Master's abroad, working in a world leading IT company, doing freelance work and start my own social Enterprise business.

JAMK exchange program has really had an impact on my motivation. I met new people and visited new places. It is fascinating to me. It gives colors to my old ordinary life. I see the world more interesting and a lot of new things waiting to be discovered. I feel happier with my life now and I am ready to take action to make my dreams come true.

Family and Thai food

I miss my family the most. We will travel together in Europe after finishing my studies here and then we will return to Thailand. First I will eat Thai food all around the city! I miss it a lot!

Thank you

Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I appreciate your help and heart warming welcome. For future exchange students: Use your time here as best as you can! It will be a wonderful experience for sure, because for me it was!