Programme of Industrial Business 2017, MTSU students

Every study day

  • lectures at normal class room G208
  • computer room F310 will be available for summer school students
  • one hour lunch break at 12-01 pm and possibility to eat at JAMK student restaurant


Take a look at the programme (pdf)


  • Main teacher: Dr. Laura Buckner, MTSU, Laura.Buckner(at)mtsu.edu, 615-898-2370
  • JAMK tutor teacher: Mrs. Anneli Kakko, anneli.kakko(at)jamk.fi, +358400719531
  • JAMK tutor students for MTSU students:
    Anna Kolemesina, Facebook, K7782(at)student.jamk.fi,
    Marina Egorova, Facebook, K7783(at)student.jamk.fi,
    +358 46 952 9890