What is the total cost of education for international students?

All students have to buy books and other educational material themselves, as well as take care of their own living costs. JAMK cannot offer job opportunities for students. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply for financial support in their home country. Average monthly living cost for students are estimated to be about 700 euros (accommodation, food, public transport, study materials, clothing, and leisure activities).

Tuition fee for NON-EU/EEA citizens is 8 000 €/year for the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Nursing, International Logistics and International Business. In the Master’s degrees the tuition fee for NON-EU/EEA citizens is 9000€/year.

The fees will concern non-EU/EEA degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in August 2017 or after that. Read more about the tuition fees and scholarships.

Can you explain me in simple steps, how to apply for JAMK?

The application form is available at www.studyinfo.fi. After you have filled the online application, please send copies of your certificates.

What kind of school certificates do I need to send when applying for bachelor’s degrees?

Applicants applying with non-Finnish qualifications must send the required enclosures to admission services during the application time. You can send you attachments by email (or post/delivery service) to JAMK. 

Please enclose the following documents with the application (during the application time):

  • copies of the original final degree certificate (senior secondary school/high school)
  • authorised translation of the certificate if needed (in English, Finnish or Swedish, the translation must have the translators' signature and stamp), copy is enough

You are able to apply even if your senior secondary/high school degree certificate is completed during the spring of applying. Please, send a copy of your transcript of records (and official translation) to the admission services during the application time. Notice, that in this case your admission is conditional until the polytechnic/UAS has checked your final degree certificates. You need to send a copy of your final high school diploma / secondary school diploma during the summer time.

The original certificates will be checked at the Student Services at the beginning of studies.

My original documents are not in English or in Finnish, do I need to translate them? What is the meaning of “authorized translation”? Could I translate the original certificate myself and ask my high school to seal on it?

Authorized translation means that the translator should be authorized, in other words, a person who works as a translator must translate the certificates. The translation must have the translators' signature and a stamp.

Should my high school certificate need to be attested (apostille) for admission or are copies enough?

The xerox copies / copies / photocopies are enough in the application phase. If you get an admission for JAMK, your original school certificate (such as high school diploma) will be checked in the beginning of studies. 

What is discretionary admission?

If you do not fill the requirements of eligibility, you can still apply for JAMK! This is because we use discretionary admission. This concerns bachelor's degree programmes.

To be eligible it is necessary for NON-EU/EEA CITIZENS to have the final high school/senior secondary school certificate(s).

However, if it is impossible for you to provide these certificates or other required certificates, you can apply via discretionary admission. This means that if there are not enough eligible applicants, we can invite you to the entrance examination based on the certificates you send us. Notice that JAMK's first-choice applicants are priority.

If you want to apply via discretionary admission the following steps need to be taken:

  1. At first fill the online application form at www.studyinfo.fi during the application period.
  2. Then send the copies of the
    • possible final school certificates (or transcript of records if the final certificate is not out yet),
    • translations and
    • possible other certificates to JAMK's admission services. For example, if you have an English language proficiency certificate (but it is NOT mandatory).
    • (You don't need to send a motivation letter or additional forms to JAMK.)

Notice that, TOEFL score results are accepted only directly from the Educational Testing Service. JAMK’s TOEFL code is 0719 (TOEFL or any other English language proficiency certificate is not mandatory).

Based on the documents JAMK/the head of the degree programme decides whether or not you are given a chance to participate for the entrance examination.

Notice that JAMK’s first choice applicants are a priority in the discretionary admission. If you are not a first-choice applicant of JAMK you do not need to send copies of your certificates to us (concerns spring application period). Check the deadlines and information about the entrance examinations at our website: spring application period. 

Do I need to prove my English language skills?

Spring application period: It is NOT necessary to provide a language proficiency certificate by the set date. The English language skills are assessed in the entrance examination.

Do I need to know any Finnish language to study at JAMK?

When applying for JAMK's bachelor’s degrees conducted in English, you do not need to know any Finnish language. We encourage you study Finnish language at JAMK, but from applicants we do not require Finnish language skills (not even for degree programme in Nursing).

Note that Finnish language skills can be a great asset when applying for a job in Finland after graduation! Thus, it is very beneficial for you to study Finnish with your classmates and participate as many Finnish courses as possible at JAMK, especially, if you are planning to stay in Finland after graduation.

Is it possible to study online?

At JAMK there are studies that can be completed totally online. However, our degree programmes that are conducted in English (Tourism Management, Nursing, International Business and International Logistics) are programmes that require active involvement and participation for the lectures here in Jyväskylä, Finland. Thus, they cannot be studied completely online.