Nursing student You Chen

Studying at JAMK has given me some of the most valuable experiences in my life

"JAMK has taught me the many practical skills and educational knowledge for my future profession as a registered nurse. From my point of view, the educational process of JAMK University of Applied Sciences has worked extremely well to prepare me for the tasks I will be performing in my future position."

There were three main reasons for me to choose studying in Finland and at JAMK

First of all, the Finnish education system is highly respected worldwide and it was ranked best in the world in 2012.  In addition, the college education in Finland is completely free for all the international students who get admitted. Finally, Finland has many beautiful natural sights, unique northern lights during winter months, lots of space for everybody and other Finnish activities such as sauna, snow sports, fishing, and visiting the father Christmas in Lapland.

I started my student life in Finland in September 2012, and will continue to be here until l finish my studies in 2015. The teachers are very encouraging and understanding, and thus students are studying in a comfortable learning environment.  Furthermore, studying at JAMK will help you become internationalized. We have international students from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East etc. The exchange programs offered by JAMK are amazing.

Get prepared for the Finnish language and the weather

The most challenging aspect for me being a foreigner in Finland is the Finnish language. However, it may be difficult to grasp in the beginning but it becomes easier the more you practice and the more language immersion you experience. The weather in the winter can also be very difficult because it is dark and cold for most of the winter. However, there are many ways to offset the cold weather and limited sunlight, such as keeping yourself occupied with studies, hanging out with new found friends, going out socializing, attending public activities, and working out. Anyhow, Finland can be warm as well; we had 30 degrees this summer (2014).

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