Completing a course

The first contact or the opening of an online course will cover the course implementation and assessment criteria. During the first contact, the date of the possible exam is also agreed, and the end of the course is announced, after which the assignments are no longer accepted.

Open Studies have the same contents and assessment criteria as in degree studies. Course attainments will be assessed according to the normal practices of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

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Study Guidance

Study guidance is available to you, both before and during the studies.

JAMK aims at providing all students with equal opportunities for education.

Accreditation of studies

Open UAS students can apply for accreditation of studies on the same principles and using the same forms as degree students. There are certain conditions for accreditation:

  • The student has been approved as an Open Studies student.

  • The student has committed to a larger study module.

  • The studies have been planned appropriately and the accreditation promotes the completion of the study module.

  • The PLP has been approved by a teacher tutor/career tutor.

Note: In Open Study Path, out of the 55 ECTS credits only certain amount of credits can be accredited studies.

The student pays tuition for the course for which he/she seeks accreditation.

Applying for accreditation

Familiarise yourself with the courses and modules of your degree programme and the associated learning objectives. If you feel that you have already mastered the content of the courses, you can apply for accreditation.

  1. Discuss your PLP and applying for accreditation with your teacher tutor.

  2. If you have not enrolled for the course as a path student, for example, notify the Open Studies contact about applying for accreditation. The contact will invoice the tuition.

  3. Use the instructions and forms found in the study guide to apply for accredition.

After the Studies

  • At the end of the semester, we will send you a feedback questionnaire to the email address you provided for your studies.
  • For study paths and individual courses, you can order a transcript of your records.

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