Studying at Open UAS

Sama objectives as in degree studies

Open UAS courses have the same objectives, contents, requirements, and teachers as the courses of JAMK’ degree programmes. However, you cannot complete a degree in open studies. In order to complete a degree, you must apply for admission to JAMK’s degree programmes through the national joint application of universities of applied sciences. If you are admitted later, your Open UAS courses can be credited towards a degree at JAMK.

You will attend the same groups as the degree students of JAMK. 

Theory and practice

The studies emphasise working life-orientation, practicality and seeking and applying information. The student’s background is taken into consideration as much as possible.

Classroom, part-time or online

Different forms of study are utilised in the studies. Depending on the course, you may pursue your studies in a classroom, online or as a combination thereof, alone or together with others.

Right to study
How long can I study?

The duration of studies at Open UAS is determined in the course information. The studies must be completed in the schedule specified at the beginning of the studies. The user name will be valid for two months after the end of the semester.

If your studies are not completed, you will need to register for another implementation and pay the study fee again.

The aim is to enable you to expand through your studies exactly the competence that you need.


Required study abilities

Required prior knowledge

There are no specific requirements for prior education in open studies as such, but please consider the following:

  • The courses may have requirements for prior knowledge and skills, obtained by way of education or otherwise.
  • Master’s degree studies should be based on a bachelor’s degree or similar competence.
  • You will need to possess the necessary abilities for studies at a university of applied sciences.

Check the required prior knowledge and skills from the description of each course or module.

Study abilities

University-level studies require the following from the student:

  • self-direction
  • ability to define one’s own targets and a target-oriented approach
  • self-management ability
  • critical information seeking skills
  • reflection/self-evaluation skills
  • ability to express yourself fluently in writing, academic writing skills
  • presentation and interactive skills
  • networking skills

Depending on the studies, special emphasis is given on a different set of skills.

Social and Health Care Sector

To pursue studies in the social and health care sector, your health and functional capacity must be such that it will not prevent studies in the field concerned. JAMK can request an extract from the criminal record for students whose studies essentially require working with underage persons.

Language skills

You must have sufficient proficiency in the language of instruction of each respective course (on average, B2–C1). A required entry level proficiency has also been defined for language studies. You may assess your language skills by yourself using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Self-assessment grid (Europass language passport). You may carry out an online self-assessment using the Dialang test.

Information technology

During the studies, you will need to have a computer with access to the internet as well as the basic skills for using information systems.

As a student, you will be responsible for ensuring that you have the sufficient abilities, background knowledge and tools to pursue your studies.


Planning your studies

Define your objectives

Before starting your studies, reflect on your goals: where do you aim at, what do you want to learn, why do you study? Write down your thoughts. The clarification of your objectives will help you in choosing the right subjects and modes of study.

Schedule enough time

Studying always requires commitment, motivation and time. Before starting your studies, please consider how you will organize time for them. The rule of thumb is that 1 ECTS credit (cr) equals approximately 27 hours of student work. Calendar management is essential when planning your studies. You should anticipate future tasks and schedule a certain weekly amount of time for studying.

Different modes of study

JAMK’s Open Studies are implemented both through contact lessons and online learning. Studying can include independent work, lectures and/or group work. The aim is to provide a theoretical basis, in addition to developing strong practical competence. The courses can include writing, reading, discussion, but also hands-on doing.


Starting the Studies

Before starting the studies, you will be e-mailed a course letter, which contains the confirmation of course commencement, information on practical course arrangements and contact information.

Please note! Study letters are often directed to spam, so please check your spam email as well and mark the message as not spam.

After the Studies

  • At the end of the semester, we will send you a feedback questionnaire to the email address you provided for your studies.
  • For study paths and individual courses, you can order a transcript of your records.

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Instructions for studying at JAMK

Here you can find important instructions for studies at JAMK: academic calendar, degree programmes and curricula, glossary etc.

Interested? Open studies offer courses from nearly all fields of study. You may choose between more extensive study paths or individual courses. Learn about our offerings now!

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Studying at JAMK Open UAS

Open UAS courses have the same objectives, contents, requirements, and teachers as the courses of JAMK’ degree programmes.

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