Would you like to have an understanding on XR’s possibilities? Would you like to have capacity on programming and tools? Would you like to study the matter 40 ECTS with flexibility?

A cost-free on-line course, which gives you new possibitilies at labour market. 

Target group

XR-Developer module is focused to you
- business professionals who are focusing on developing into virtual - and/or au environments,
- unemployed jobseekers who wants to work in the ICT-sector,
• part-time studies (less than 5 ECTS/Month)
• full-time studies (discuss with your labour force bureau officer)
- business professionals who wants to work in ICT-sector and
- who wants skills and knowledge needed now and in future!

The duration and extent of the training will be determined by the number of cours can read more about the studying with unemployment benefits from
- Unemployment benefit and part-time studying
- Unemployment benefit to support short-term study
- A jobseeker’s independent study can be supported by unemployment benefit. 


Training of XR-developer is a part of Highway2Code wholeness. The aim of the training is that you
- understand the entities and concepts associated with the Cross Reality
- are able to produce 3D-models and create virtual worlds
- learn programming
- learn to create interaction inside the virtual world you create
- understand the concepts and models of modern software development

The training is produced together with Centria, Turki, Kajaani, Vaasa, Oulu and Jyväskylä university of Applied Sciences. Each UAS is providing training to common platform, from which a student can choose from. Studies are funded by the Ministry of Education. Training is held mainly in English.
More information here.


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Kiviaho Niko

Kiviaho Niko

Päällikkö matkailu ja palvelut, Head of Department Tourism and Hospitality
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business