Information Systems and Services

Before you start your studies, you will be sent a course letter including your username for the computers and systems of JAMK, as well as your email address. You will have the right to use JAMK’s information and communication systems, such as email, student register, and online learning environment (Optima).  JAMK offers a free Windows 10 Education license to all students. The products of the Microsoft Office package will also be available to you. You can use printers at JAMK, too.

Library and Information Services

During your participation in Open Studies courses, you will also be able to use JAMK’s library and its information seeking services.

Study Guidance

Study guidance is available to you, both before and during the studies.

JAMK aims at providing all students with equal opportunities for education.


You will receive a transcript of your records in Open Studies, if needed. Note! During April 2020, we will not be able to deliver transcripts due to a system change.

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Financial Support

Students are not granted government financial support for Open Studies courses, if they are not entitled to it based on other studies. They do not receive student discounts, either.

However, there are different possibilities to fund the studies, both for unemployed and employed students. Please, see more information in links.

Well-being and sport

  • All the Open Studies students are entitled to use the services organised by Academic Sports with a charge.
  • Students, who study full-time, have possibility to  use JAMKO student union gym.
  • The school pastor is at your disposal.

Meals and Accommodation

  • Open Studies study path students, who study full-time have possibility to a discount on meals in Sodexo JAMK Student Restaurants.
  • Open Studies students can apply for student housing from the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS). However, applicants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Especially during busy times, degree students come first. You can also explore other housing options.

Other Benefits

  • Open Studies students are covered by JAMK’s insurance policies.
  • Open Studies students can apply for student parking permits.
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Open Studies

JAMK Open Studies are available to everyone, irrespective of age and educational background. The courses are suitable for you, if you want to develop your expertise or are considering degree studies.

All the courses at Open Studies

There are studies from all the fields at Open Studies - see the courses!

About Open Studies

Required study abilities and planning.

Benefits and Services

Info about financial support and services provided by JAMK.

Registration and fees

Register and pay online. The fee is only 10-15 € per credit!

Contact us

Please, contact us if you want to make inquiries concerning Open studies or need help in planning your studies!