Transfer can be applied if one fulfills the following criteria:

  • Student has a study right in an corresponding (or equivalent) degree programme in some other university of applied sciences or university in Finland 
  • Student has study right at JAMK and is willing to transfer in a following way: 
    - International Business -> Liiketalous
    - International Logistics -> Logistiikka
    - Nursing -> Sairaanhoitaja
    - International Business -> International Logistics -> International Business
  • Student has been as a present student at least one academic term
  • Studies have been progressed normally: 55 ECTS credits/academic year or 27,5 ECTS credits/academic term. A student can take into count all the studies which will be at the transcript of records in the end of academic term.
  • Student has a realistic possibility to graduate during the standard study time. Study right does not start from the beginning or get extended after transfer.

When an applicant apply for transfer from an English taught degree programme to a Finnish taught degree programme there will be an interview in Finnish to check the applicant’s Finnish skills.

Student’s study right will end in the present university and will be transferred to JAMK in the beginning of the next academic term. Transfer student cannot be absent during the first academic year after transfer.

Please note! Degree student of a foreign institution cannot apply for transfer, however, the admission can be received via joint application in January.

Additional requirement concerning the school of health and social studies

The admission of such transfer student whose right to study has been revoked in another educational institution based on one's health or ability to function and whose right of study has not been restored later on the basis of a medical certificate, are considered separately. The right to study may be revoked if a selected transfer student has concealed a previous revocation of right to study. (Polytechnics Act 352/2003 a §, 1 subsection)

Application and application period

Autumn application period is 1 to 15 November 2019, 3 pm. Spring transfer application period was 2 to 16 May 2019, 3 pm. You can apply in studyinfo.fi.

Transfer application period for English conducted degree programmes: 

Twice in a year
- International Logistics, International Business, Master’s degree programmes

Once in a year
- Spring application period: Nursing

Information about transfer application for Finnish conducted degree programmes 

Student selection and results

Decisions about the transfer applications will be made case by case by the head of the programme and director of department. The decision will be based on criteria mentioned above. Moreover, in case there are numerous applicants, the reasoning given by the student in the application may have an influence to the transfer decision.

Results will be announced before 30 June (studies begin in autumn) or 15 December (studies begin on January). Study place have to be accepted 31 July at the latest, or 31 December at the latest, depending on the application period. Studies will always start beginning of the next academic term.

Further Information

Requests for application form: admissions(at)jamk.fi.

Veander Mira

Veander Mira

Hakukoordinaattori, Admission Coordinator
Opiskelijapalvelut, Student Services
Hallinto, Administration
Sarén Raisa

Sarén Raisa

Hakukoordinaattori, Admission Coordinator
Opiskelijapalvelut, Student Services
Hallinto, Administration