Students whose study entitlement has expired after extended study period or has not completed their degree during a discretionary extension of the study period may apply for regranting the study entitlement.

Study entitlement will be granted again if a bachelor’s degree student has a maximum of 60 credits left
to complete and a master’s degree student 30 credits and they have begun their studies at JAMK UAS on or after 1 August 2015.

The study entitlement can be regranted for a maximum of two semesters from the beginning of the next semester. Applying for regranting the study entitlement concerns the students who have started their studies on or after 1 August 2015 and whose study entitlement has expired.  Students who have regained their study entitlement can neither enrol as a non-attending student nor apply for discretionary extension of their study period. In general, it is not possible to regrant the study entitlement for discontinued degree programmes or degree programmes under abolition.

Regranting the study entitlement is applied via a continuous admission process throughout the year. After a positive decision, studies will start in the beginning of the next semester.

Students who have started their studies at JAMK before 1 August 2015 or in other Universities of Applied Sciences

A former student of JAMK University of Applied Sciences or other Universities who has started their studies before 1 August 2015 and lost their right to study will be instructed to apply for admission through a separate application process in an online application system at The separate application process of spring 2021 will concern the semester starting on 1 August 2021.

We will update more information about the separate application process later on this page.


Students may request rectification of a decision of the Student Services Manager. Requests must be submitted to the JAMK Student Affairs Board within 14 days of receiving the notification of the decision.

JAMK Study Affairs Board / Kristiina Korhonen

Rajakatu 35
40200 Jyväskylä

Further information

Ask more information via e-mail at

Veander Mira

Veander Mira

Hakukoordinaattori, Admission Coordinator
Opiskelijapalvelut, Student Services
Hallinto, Administration
Alusniemi Sini

Alusniemi Sini

Opintoasiainkoordinaattori, Study Affairs Coordinator
Opiskelijapalvelut, Student Services
Hallinto, Administration