Study Master's Degree in Finland! The principal focus of this part-time programme is to enable you to develop professional skills, innovate new ideas, solve complex business problems, and explore new business opportunities. Our programme is for those, who after experiencing the multiple facets of business world, want to take their careers forward and upgrade their competence.

Part-time students can complete the programme in approximately three years. It is also possible to complete the programme in one and a half years as full-time studies. Lectures are delivered at late afternoons during the week and on Saturdays.

Tuition fee and scholarship

The tuition fee in International Business Management (Master's Programme) is 9000 euros/academic year. Well-performing students can be rewarded with JAMK Scholarship. Read more

Programme Structure

The 90 ECTS programme consists of the following modules: Global business management, Research and development, Electives and Master’s thesis.


Global Business Management | 20 ECTS

Studies in the global business management module aim to develop students' competences for recognizing opportunities from changes in the global environment and formulating right strategies to capture them. Students assess, articulate and reshape new business opportunities in order to design and implement new business development projects and execute management tasks in global contexts.

  • Global growth strategies
  • Global marketing and sales
  • Managing new ventures for global growth
  • Financing New Ventures in Global Markets
  • Brand Management
  • Global leadership and Culture

Management module 15 ECTS

Studies in the management module aim to provide shared competences in strategy, leadership and managerial accounting.

  • Formulating Strategy
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Managerial Accounting

Research and Development | 15 ECTS

Studies in the research and development module aim to increase students' competences in identifying research problems and applying suitable research methods for creative problem solving and decision making at the workplace.

  • Professional Development
  • Research-based Development
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research

Electives | 10 ECTS

Students make 15 ECTS elective studies, choosing from a variety of courses like strategic human resources management, and strategic management accounting. They can also participate in one of our study tours such as JAMK leadership programme in Silicon Valley, USA .

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management Accounting

Thesis | 30 ECTS

The thesis is a research or development project designed to serve working life. It stresses practical application and supports the student’s career development. The thesis is based on innovative knowledge production that is used to combine documented experiential information gained through development activities and a scientific approach. The thesis can constitute a project, a study or a development task.

Master’s thesis is the primary evidence for students to display the competencies which they develop throughout their studies. Students are encouraged to come up with thesis ideas at early stages in their studies and guided through regular master thesis seminars towards their accomplishment.

Corporate careers

The objectives, structure, contents and delivery of the MIB programme are fully attuned to enhance employment potential of graduates. Furthermore, the requirement of at least two years of relevant work experience after the bachelor’s degree is meant to ensure that the students understand their conceptual knowledge and are able to relate it to professional fields in a holistic manner.

The success achieved by JAMK in the employment arena is attributable to strong conceptual knowledge, business skills, entrepreneurship skills, customer orientation, independent working abilities, continual learning skills, information acquisition skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and IT technology skills.

a city of students

Every 3rd person that you pass in Jyväskylä is a student. The city is very dynamic. Take a look at the sports and cultural activities, not to mention restaurants and cafés.

a safe country

One of our international students was very surprised to get her lost wallet back. This can actually happen in Finland! The Finns are said to be very honest.

How Finland ranks?


How to apply Apply 5 - 19 January 2022 by 3.00 p.m. Finnish time Application period has ended

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Akpinar Murat

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