International students help companies in internationalisation

New markets for street lighting abroad

"A small investment from the company with a great effect on its internationalisation. JAMK’s international students helped C2 SmartLight survey new markets."

International students know the language of their home country. They are also familiar with the culture and business customs. These strengths can be utilised by companies from Central Finland in determining international markets for their products and services.

In addition to an idea about the markets, we established contacts

Jyväskylä-based C2 SmartLight Oy relied on the competence of JAMK’s international students in surveying new markets for their street lighting control systems. The survey project was carried out in Poland, Latvia and Russia. A similar survey will be carried out by a new group of students in Slovenia, Hungary, France, England and Croatia.

The students start out by doing some online research, looking for potential cities and calling them. They ask questions essential to us and report the answers”, says Petri Laitinen, Sales Director of C2 SmartLight, describing the project.

Laitinen says that the information is valuable capital for the company - if a country doesn't have any market potential, C2 Smartlight doesn't have to waste valuable time looking for partners in that country.

The first student project strengthened our impression of Poland as a potential market area. In addition to getting an idea about the markets, we established good contacts in Poland. On the other hand, we also received information based on which we could exclude Latvia from our potential areas for the time being.”

Familiarity with local customs and a network in place

Slovenian Grega Kurent studied as an exchange student at JAMK. He wanted to take part in C2 SmartLight’s project to get experience of a real corporate project.

The project allows me to see how theory works in practice, and it is a good reference for me. I know Slovenian customs and how you should act in the country”, Kurent says.

In addition to international students, the survey work involves some Finnish students with international contacts. Rita Kattilakoski from JAMK’s English-language International Business degree programme was an exchange student in Croatia, so her task is to determine the market potential for street lighting control systems in this country on the Adriatic coast.

I got to know Croatian customs during my exchange period. I also have contacts there whom I can ask for assistance. The project provides me with a practical insight into how things work in the real business world”, Kattilakoski says.

An increasing need for outdoor lighting abroad – waiting for the right moment

C2 SmartLight knows that the market for more intelligent lighting solutions already exists, but it might still need some time to brew and accept the growing need. Saving has become a goal in both energy and maintenance cost fronts. The study done by the students helped C2 Smartlight to determine which of the target countries were ready to take the next step and adapt smart lighting solutions.

JAMK’s students help us carry out an extensive survey with a small investment”, Laitinen notes.

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