Graduated student Hong Cheng (程红Lisa)

Combining theory with practice, an incubator to be an entrepreneur in Finland

"JAMK’s high standard of education, devoted professors, compulsory practical training and international environment, have developed my independent thinking, cross-cultural communication skills and work-related skills that will benefit me in the future."

I am originally from Shandong province, China. I completed my bachelor studies in Finland and master degree in Norway. I was very surprised to find out that living in Finland is not cold at all. Effective central heating systems and highly isolated windows make the indoor temperatures almost summer-like even in the wintertime. Finns are friendly and, once you get to know them, always willing to help.

Opportunities to learn the Finnish language

The majority of Finns can speak English fluently, so it is easy to communicate with them. However, learning the local language is always a plus, since it gives you an insider’s point of view. I concentrated on studying Finnish for 9 months, and have always tried to communicate in Finnish since then.

Practice for time management skills and teamwork spirit

In addition to the mandatory course, it is possible to select the elective course according to your own interests, which is good practice for managing your time. For instance, I completed my degree in 3 years with 50 credits more than program required. Many courses in JAMK require teamwork, which can improve your presentation and interpersonal skills, and expand your knowledge, all of which are required by the future workplace environment.

The part-time job possibilities during study

In Finland, students are encouraged to work part-time and the future employer also values this practice a lot. It is not that difficult to find a part-time job if you are ready to consider all the available positions. I had a part-time job during my entire 3-year study time.

Simple, clean and peaceful life

Jyväskylä is one of the major student cities in Finland. JAMK has a wide network of partner universities all over the world, which allows students to take part in student exchange and to complete a double degree in other institutions. The simple and peaceful lifestyle of Finland, in addition to its clean environment, green value and high tech environment, still impresses me even after staying in the country for six years.

Text: Hong Cheng

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