Want to get a high quality business education, get classmates from all over the world, and develop your English skills? If yes, this is something for you!

International Business provides students with the knowledge and core business management skills they need to succeed in the global marketplace. You will study the whole degree in English.

Internationally accredited programme

JAMK´s International Business is the only EPAS accredited bachelor level programme among Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. Graduates who choose to study on an EPAS accredited programme can be assured that they are attending an institution with high international standards of quality with a balance between high academic quality and professional relevance. In addition, the needs of the corporate world are well integrated into the programme.

9-24 January

For the January 2018 intake our application period has just ended. To start your studies in August 2018, please apply in the next application period in January 9-24.

First year

During the first year, you will concentrate on the fundamentals of business, such as the basics of marketing, management, communication and research. You will get theoretical bases of business that will help you to understand business practices in global contexts.

Second year

During the second year, you will choose two academic tracks and write your thesis. The Academic Tracks (7 credits each) are Marketing Management, Cross Cultural Management, Technology Business and Future Foresighting, Finance and Corporate Governance, User Centric Design and Innovation, Economics of Internationalisation and Competitiveness. Read more

Third year

This is dedicated to the practical training or an exchange period abroad. You are encouraged to choose your spesialisation at our partner institutions. You can also widen your experiences and skills by pursuing a double degree at one of our accredited partner universities, outside Finland. In case you stay one more semester at JAMK you may also specialize on High-Tech Management, Music and Media Management, Sport Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, or Entrepreneurship.

Intended learning outcomes

Intended learning outcomes are a statement of what a student will know and be able to do at the end of a programme.

Knowledge and understanding

Upon the completion of the programme a student is able to 

  • employ thoretical and conceptual knowledge to identify and analyze business problems in global contexts
  • identify and place into practic information-based decision making approaches to business and managerial problems.

Practical Skills: Multicultural Competency

Upon the completion of the programme a student is able to

  • apply proven theoretical and conceptual  knowledge of global business challenges in multicultural contexts
  • operate effectively within a multicultural team environment demonstrating team-building and intercultural communication skills.

Intellectual skills: Information Management in Business

Upon the completion of the programme a student is able to

  • gather, analyse and evaluate business data and information and transform empirical data into uselful and actionable information
  • interprete and analyse complex business issues from multiple perspectives and critically review academic literature and other relevant information resources.

Transferable Skills: Multicultural Communication in Business

Upon the completion of the programme a student is able to

  • communicate effectively in English in oral, written and electronic formats using communication and information technology for business applications, and is able to prepare and present reports
  • exercise initiative and take personal responsibility for one´s own work in terms of timelines, professional behaviour, personal motivation and planning skills.

Read student and alumni stories

At JAMK everything is for the student

The first thing that caught my eye is that everything is for the student. That´s what I like here."

Challenging but enjoyable IB

"The possibilities and experiences I gained were often challenging, which I enjoy - I learned problem solving on an individual basis, but more importantly I learned it on a team and group basis which is necessary in my current position."

New markets for street lighting abroad

“A small investment from the company with a great effect on its internationalisation. JAMK’s international students helped C2 SmartLight survey new markets.”

How to apply in September application period

The intake in the September application period is 25 students.

Curriculum development through networks

JAMK´s School of Business is an active member in numerous networks of education and business. This means your studies are based on international, high standards of research and development work.

  • Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) network developed by Professor Michael Porter at Harvard Business School
  • EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development
  • EAIE: European Association of International Education, Business Schools
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Business Schools
  • SAPPLE: Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education, Business Schools
  • APAIE:Asia Pacific Association for International Education, Business Schools
  • European asscociation of Sport Management
  • European Facility Management Network for Education, practice and research
  • Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR Europa)

Hirsilä Matti

Koulutuspäällikkö, Head of Department
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Hynynen Piia

Koulutussihteeri, Education Secretary
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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