JAMK´s campuses and entrances from 15.2.2021


Main campus

Doors open on weekdays 7.30am - 18.30pm


Doors open on weekdays 7.30am - 4pm

Institute of Bioeconomy

Doors open on weekdays 7.30am - 4pm

Finnish Music Campus

Student and staff who have admittance can work in campus.


Janitors are available in campuses on weekdays 8.00am - 7.00pm.

Check services opening separately

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Contact information

Institute of Bioeconomy is located in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi. 
Address: Tuumalantie 17, 43100 Saarijärvi, Finland

Opening hours

(during semester)
Mon–Fri 7.30–16.00
Sat–Sun Closed

It is possible to work in the premises from Mon–Sun 06.00–21.45