EATHEN trainings

Competence development of the university and the support centers' staff

Nepalese partner universities all have established Support Centers for students with disabilities and students coming from marginalized groups into their campuses: Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University to three campuses (Main campus, Dhankuta Multiple campus and Pokhara campus) and Nepal Open University.

All Support Centers will be equipped with aids and assistive devices to help students. The tendering process is going on in autumn 2021 and the equipment process will be completed by the end of 2021.

Part of the project is to add competences of university staff and staff of the Support centers. There will be two kind of trainings.

The 2nd Training starts in 2022

During the training programme in the autumn 2021 the structure and services of Support Centers will be established. After that, in spring 2022 the second training will start. Masaryk University (Czech Republik) will lead 6 courses focusing on the use of equipment in supporting students with disabilities and from marginalized groups. 

Nepali Sign Language Training in 2022

In June 2022 the 6-day Nepali Sign Language Training was successfully completed with the active facilitation 
of Nepali Sign Language expert from Central Higher Secondary School, Naxal, Kathmandu (Ms. Yasoda Gautam) and 
active participation of 25 participants from TU, KU and NOU. 

On June 20th 2022 the participants were provided with Certificate of Nepali Sign Language Training. 
Though it is a very short-term training, the sign language expert has tried to provide hands-on experiences on Nepali sign language as much as possible. The training helped to recognize Nepali and English alphabets, numbers, and signs for basic words and sentences. The participants - coordinators of Support Centres, teachers and admin staff - will be able to understand preliminary signs that the deaf students use during their visit to support centres that will help them to communicate with the students who use sign language.

Nepalese training participants sitting and standing behind a conference room table


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