Supporting the Nepalese universities in their development towards inclusive management and practices. 

EATHEN's steering committee in a room at a ministry

Find out what is happening in the EATHEN project at the moment! 

Current Activities: Autumn 2021 and spring 2022

  • Finalizing the tendering of equipment for Support Centers 
  • Procurement of equipment - in all 3 universities and 5 campuses by the end of 2021 
  • Planning the training program for Support center staff and administration: University of Bologna responsible  
  • Implementing the training program by UNIBO 
  • Starting to plan the training courses for the spring 2022
  • the Ground Breaking Ceremony of Inclusive Toilet at Kathmandu University held on Nov 19 (World Toilet Day): photos available later in February
  • Steering committee meeting of EATHEN at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. See the picture above!
  • Project Dissemination Meeting with the Ambassador of Finland.
  • Benchmarking visit to Finland April 2022: read more

Coming in Spring 2022:

  • Implementing the courses (6) for Support Center staff and administration. Responsible Masaryk University (the Czech Republic)
  • The courses are going to focus on the use of equipment in supporting students with disabilities and students from marginalized groups. More information will be available later. 
  • If Covid situation improves in Europe, all partners will do a benchmarking visit to the Czech Republic, Masaryk University and Teirezias center and also combined travel to Italy, Bologna University.
  • Part of the benchmarking will be dissemination seminar for Czech audience.
  • The Spring 2022 will be time for dissemination: if COVID enables, partners will attend an international equality conference, write articles and organize awareness raising seminar in Nepal.

Creating Support Centres is Joint Learning - read the blog

EATHEN project colleagues have visited schools in Kathmandu and toured remote areas in Nepal to meet students with disabilities and from marginalized group - to gather information about what kinds of challenges students encounter as they access or study in higher education. The support centres, which are developed in EATHEN project, can help students with diverse educational needs to continue their learning processes in higher education. 

Read the blog


Tour at the Dhankuta Campus: watch the video on Youtube

Greetings from EATHEN project in Nepal - video greetings for the Erasmusdays 2020 event

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