BioPaavo Hackathon

What is BioPaavo Hackathon?

The purpose of the BioPaavo hackathons is to find solutions from bioeconomy on behalf of the client companies on an assignment basis. BioPaavo Hackathon offers the opportunity to increase co-operation and create new business from bioeconomy solutions, as well as to develop the bioeconomy industry as a whole.

Hackathon is an innovation competition that starts with a call for innovation to find innovative teams with potential solutions to a challenge defined by a client company. Selected teams are then supported by multidisciplinary mentors to refine their idea. Hackathon process can also involve team building to strengthen the competences of the team through co-operation. Teams will compete in a Hackathon event where they pitch their solution to the jury consisting of the experts from the client company and key mentors.

Hackathon process

1) Identifying the challenge

  • Agreeing on the practical implementation and schedule of the Hackathon
  • Wording the challenge
  • Marketing plan

2) Launching the challenge

  • Call for teams to join the Hackathon
  • Presentation of teams and preliminary ideas
  • Selection of teams for follow-up

3) Solving the challenge

  • Kick-Off event
  • Hackathon day(s)
  • Expert sparring for the teams towards refined solutions
  • Selection of the winner

4) Solutions into practise

  • Agreeing on follow-up between the sponsor and the winner(s)
  • The business accelerator supports the process
  • Design of a possible further development project and search for financing
  • Pitching the idea for a hackathon jury

Do you have a challenge to solve?

Tell us about your challenge and we will plan an innovation event according to your needs! We find teams to solve the challenges from the Bioeconomy Business Accelerator's extensive network of innovative growth companies and other actors. In addition, we are supported by several research and education organizations in our network.

Hackathon can be commissioned by one or more companies with the desire and opportunity to continue working with the winner of the Hackathon to bring the new solutions on the market. Depending on the assignment, the Hackathon process can be arranged as a contact, virtual or hybrid implementation.

Let's start working together to solve challenges related to sustainable business with BioPaavo hackathons! Please contact us!

Who can participate?

Hackathon's participating teams can represent any organization with theme-related knowledge and expertise. Teams can be organizational or consist of actors from different organizations. The challenges are agreed with the client and the solutions sought may require previous research or the formulation of the idea.


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Current Hackathons


The goal of the Hackathon is to find new ideas, commercial partnerships, and new methods of utilization in order to utilize side streams and waste materials formed in down textile production in Joutsen Finland oy’s factories in Estonia and in Finland


Valio invites You to ideate ways to tackle the seasonal variation in milk production. Valio is looking for concrete and effective ways to balance seasonality on farm level. Welcome to solve the challenge!

News from previous Hackathons

Do forests offer a new ecological solution for dust control on gravel roads?

How to capture and recover the valuable metals from industrial wastewaters? DinexHackathon found solutions to the 20 year old challenge

DinexHackathon at kickoff stage: four teams chosen to continue in the Hackathon

Winner of ValtraHackathon has been awarded: Loihde and their SmartCoach application aims to coach tractor drivers into "Kimi Räikkönen" with personal trainer-software

Six international teams participated this week in the final stages of the ValtraHackathon, and the proposals generated during the Hackathon process resulted in a huge amount of new ideas and opportunities for Valtra Inc. and the participating teams.
Read more in the press release (in Finnish) ›

KemiraHackathon winner is Estonian team Biocarbon

Satellite data provides responsible solutions to the renewable chemical industry
Read more in the press release (in Finnish) ›

References - What our customers say

GasumHackathon - Harnessing the biogenic CO2 from biogas upgrading to value adding applications
"The hackathon process has been very smooth: well organised and structured. We have also received new connections because of the good visibility of the process”. 
– Viljami Kinnunen, Senior Process Engineer, Gasum

DinexHackathon – Solutions and Technologies for Recovering and Recycling High Value Metals and Elements from Catalyst Manufacturing
"We are very pleased with the organisers and the competitors of this hackathon and the outcome. Probably we wouldn’t have been able to find these companies and their solutions without this cooperation".
– Ari Väliheikki, Researcher, Dinex Finland

PeatHackathon - Steps towards carbon neutral business
"On behalf of Berner Ltd, and Tikalan Ltd., BioPaavo carried out the PeatHackathon, which was a great success. The goal was to find new peat replacement solutions for growing medium and soil improvement products. After the pre-qualification, nine teams progressed to solve the challenge, with the best two continuing the development work. BioPaavo’s hackathon concept can truly create environmentally sustainable solutions and new business in the bioeconomy field."
– Arja Laivonen, Product Manager Berner Ltd.

Siparila Hackathon - Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for industrial wood surface treatment
"Siparila Ltd. chose the BioPaavo Hackathon because the company wanted to develop a completely new biobased method for handling wood products. The concept worked well and we found enthusiastic developers and companies. From these, we selected two groups to further develop the idea. We are now at the stage where results are expected from new ideas."
– Juha Sojakka, CEO Siparila LTD.

“The role of BioPaavo in promoting bioeconomy innovations, networks and business is a huge and important example of the meaning of cooperation: together we all achieve more.”
– Milja Hannu-Kuure, Managing Director, Brightplus Oy