BioPaavo by JAMK is a Bioeconomy Business Accelerator that seeks solutions to sustainability challenges with a demand-driven approach. 

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What is BioPaavo?

Bioeconomy Business Accelerator, BioPaavo by JAMK, is operated by JAMK University of Applied Sciences in close co-operation with the Institute of Bioeconomy and the Bioeconomy Campus in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi. We are located in Central Finland, a region with a strong tradition and an exciting future in bioeconomy. As a meeting place, we connect our rural roots with international networks to help solve local and global sustainability challenges. 

The main mission of BioPaavo is to assist the birth and growth of new business and innovative solutions that help to tackle global sustainability and climate crises. We strive to boost the discovery and adaptation of new technologies and digital services for the development of new bio and circular economy business. 

Our service model connects globally operating companies with sustainability challenges to innovative and agile SMEs, start-ups, research teams and innovators. Our main target group are growth-oriented early-stage companies and SMEs developing their business based on and developing new solutions from bioeconomy as well as companies aiming for international markets. 

We offer turnkey services for companies to solve challenges related to bio and circular economy transition on an assignment basis. Once identified, BioPaavo can also leverage its expertise and networks to help implement the concrete solutions. Read more about our Hackathons.

…And what about the name? Saarijärvi is known for a peasant farmer named Paavo. In the 19th century, Paavo struggled in unfriendly climate conditions. After many years of lost crops and poor growing seasons, Paavo kept going and persisted by starting to add ‘pettu’, a substance found under the bark in pine trees, to bread flours to get more food to the table. In the spirit of Paavo, we aim to find solutions to climate and sustainability crises via innovation and determination.

BioPaavo is now BioBoosters

BioPaavo is undergoing a renewal, and at the same time, the name of the Bioeconomy Business Accelerator is changing to BioBoosters. Despite the renewal, the accelerator's activities, such as hackathons and other innovation events, will continue as before.

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Our services


Innovation competition that starts with a call for innovation to find innovative teams with potential solutions to a challenge defined by a client company. Selected teams are supported by multidisciplinary mentors to refine their idea. Teams will compete in a Hackathon event where they pitch their solution to the jury consisting of the experts from the client company and key mentors.

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Call for innovation

Innovation search that provides a broad overview of the bioeconomy innovations that interest your company and brings key players to the same table.


Workshops bring together to collide different views and know-how to solve business challenges, resulting in new ideas and input for project initiatives.


Webinars and seminars distributing latest information in bioeconomy hot topics and sharing good practices and innovations. Afterparty in Find upcoming BioTalks at Events on this page.

Current Hackathons


Data model opens the reasons behind seasonal variation of milk production

Jamk University of Applied Sciences organized hackathon for Valio Ltd. to find solutions to equalize seasonal variation in milk production. Winning solution aims to utilize data straight from dairy farms.


The Bioeconomy Business Accelerator project is carried out by the Bioeconomy Institute of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences and is funded by the Central Finland Regional Council with the support of the EU Regional Development Fund.