Miniguide for Employers

Mini-guide for Employers of Young People with Special Educational Needs/Disability

The Mini-Guide's dimensions are inspired by the original “Index for Inclusion” (Booth & Ainscow, 2002) and partially based on “A Roadmap to Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs in VET Learning Environments” (Hirvonen et al. 2013).

The development will be carried out in four phases and the final phase will be dedicated to the piloting of the whole tool. The four phases were: 1. Culture, 2. Policy, 3. Practice and 4. Piloting. 

The Mini-guide will:

  • Provide essential information and guidelines for employers and other stakeholders involved in making employment accessible for young people with SEN.
  • Help employers and related stakeholders (VET colleges and agencies (NGOs) supporting inclusive vocational environments and employment opportunities) to build inclusive cultures, policies and practices within an employment environment.
  • Facilitate collaborative discussions and strategic planning of changes within organizations for the development of welcoming and inclusive environments for young workers with diverse needs.
  • Put emphasis on the individual employee with SEN/Disability, his/her positive added value to the organization, and the importance of well-being in relation to the specific needs of diverse individuals.
  • It was published in English, Czech, Finnish and German to reach target audiences with limited access to the internet or preferring paper copies. 

Information in German, Czhech and Finnish will be added on this website later. 

More information:

Maija Mäkinen

Tuntiopettaja, Visiting Lecturer
Jatkokoulutukset, Further Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education