Modernization of Education System for Nurses

Modernization of Education System for Nurses is a development project for the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is expected that, based on the strategic partnership, a competitive high-quality system for training would be established for nurses through improvement of educational system for nurses, improvement of educational programs of all levels in the Nursing specialty, and building the capacity of faculty of medical schools in all aspects of nurse training.

The objective of the project

The objective of this 2,5 year project is to provide technical and methodological assistance in modernization of educational system of nursing specialists.

This objective is divided into five tasks:

  1. Improvement of educational system of nursing specialists
  2. Improvement of academic programs for nursing specialists
  3. Improvement of professional environment for nursing specialists
  4. Further institutionalization of clinical training of nursing professionals
  5. Development of educational programs for capacity building of teachers and nurses.

Project consortium

The project consortium consists of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Häme University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences and subcontractor Åbo Akademi University. This is the largest education export deal ever made by JAMK and worth approximately two million euros. There will be over 20 experienced senior experts working over 400 days in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstani strategic partners

The project is led by JAMK being accountable and working directly with the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health care, Republican Center for Health Development, in close collaboration with the Coordinator of Social and Health Insurance –project Subcomponent 2.3 "Strengthening of human resources for health care based on strategic partnership" of the Project Management Unit. From Kazakhstan all Medical Colleges, Higher Medical Colleges and Medical Universities are involved in project activities. Also Health Care organization and Association of Legal Entities “Union of Medical Colleges of Kazakhstan” and Republican Public Association “Specialists of Nursing Paryz” are active participants of this development process.

Johanna Heikkilä

Johtava asiantuntija, Chief Specialist
HYVI T&K, Research and Development
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies