Jointly Implemented Master’s Degree Programme in Nursing, Kazakhstan

The Jointly Implemented Master’s Degree Programme in Nursing gives the opportunity to obtain both the Master´s Degree in Nursing at Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education (KazMUCE) and the Master of Health Care, Degree Programme in «Advanced Nursing Practice» (90 ECTS) at JAMK. The duration of studies is two (2) years and most of the studies are implemented as online studies and contact teaching in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since autumn 2017, two groups with 20 students each have started their studies in the programme; the first group in September 2017 and the second in September 2018. The first group of students will graduate in summer 2019.

Another group of students to study a Finnish Master’s degree abroad

JAMK University of Applied Sciences launches the second implementation of a Master level nursing degree programme in Kazakhstan. The training will be organized in cooperation with the Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education (KazMUCE). The agreement pertaining to the two-year Master of Health Care programme to be launched in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in September 2018, was signed by Rector Jussi Halttunen and Rector-Chairman of the Board, Zhumagali Islamov. As of today, twenty Kazakhstani students have been selected to the programme; they will receive a degree from both KazMUCE and JAMK.

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