Chapter 9: Experiences and tools of mobile learning

DIRENE Handbook - Experiences and tools

Chapter 9 - "Experiences and tools of mobile learning" aims to support you in answering the question:

Which tools support me in what and how I need to teach?

There are a variety of (mobile) tools that support designing a learning scenario that is beneficial to learners as well as users. The following questions are examples of what aspects you, as an educator, could reflect on / take into account. On the bottom of this chapter, you will find a toolbox that can be handy in different settings!

  • Reflect on how (mobile) tools can differ, e.g. from beginner to advanced. What is perceived to be supportive?
  • Which (virtual / venue) space is needed to be organised? Will you install a learning-management-system, and if yes, what platform?
  • How will you design learning spaces / apply technologies?You might aim to provide e.g. collaborative online tools or technologies like virtual reality for enabling your learners to explore, self-learn and exchange among themselves. How far shall you as educator (not) be involved?
  • What technical support could be needed from the institution? How is data protection adressed?


Are you unsure, which level of the provided experiences and tools is suitable for you? Feel free to take our self-reflection quiz and measure your level of expertise in digital teaching and learning!

You might refer to this experience in the next Chapter 10, when you get encouraged to consider creating methods and applying tools to support your learners' reflection.

The following toolbox guides you through existing approaches in designing mobile learning:

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The following aspects and approaches could be considered by educators with existing experience in mobile learning:

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