Competences for the new era of user-driven digital rehabilitation

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'Competences for the new era of user-driven digital rehabilitation' (DIRENE) started in April 2021 and runs for two years. The project addresses the emerging challenges brought by COVID-19 and the need for the development of digital rehabilitation through higher education. Digital rehabilitation competence and practice is needed to build the resilience of future rehabilitation systems.

News of DIRENE-project


Pedagogical Handbook on training of Digital Rehabilitation Competencies has been published

The Handbook provides an educator with specific examples, how to design a (mobile) course on Digital Rehabilitation.


All DIRENE materials now available on the Materials -page

All of DIRENE project's materials can now be found on the Materials -page. Including webinar and seminar recordings, presentation materials and so on.


Competences and megatrends in digital rehabilitation - Online seminar

“Competences for the new era of user-driven digital rehabilitation” (DIRENE) -project is aiming to advance digital competences of teachers, students and professionals in the field of rehabilitation.