SINO-Finnish Joint Degree Programme in Nursing

JAMK and Beihua University, China, have been strategic partners in the field of healthcare since 2012. In 2013, the cooperation reached a new stage, as the Joint Bachelor’s degree programme in Nursing was approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

Several specific sub-projects, such as joint curriculum development and implementation, as well as in-service training for teachers, have been initiated and planned with joint efforts from both universities. Starting from September 2014, the joint nursing programme has successfully admitted altogether more than 650 nursing students in five intake groups. All the students study in Beihua with the particular nursing curriculum jointly designed and implemented by both universities. Implications for the future: based on the expertise gained from the valuable experience of this programme, cluster building with other university partners in other fields of healthcare and social studies is foreseeable.


Main principles of the joint nursing programme

The goal of the overall Chinese-Finnish Nursing Programme with a 12-year scope:

  • To form a long-term fusion in the field of higher education in nursing between the two universities.
  • To develop a joint nursing curriculum which complies to core competence requirements set by higher education authorities of both countries;
  • To create various effective cooperation models supported by the joint implementation of pedagogical tasks;
  • To foster wider career development not only of the students of the programme but also of staffs in both universities, through innovative learning outcomes of the programme.

Development of the competence-based nursing curriculum:

Nursing curriculum design and development is the most essential mean for ensuring high-quality learning outcomes and effectiveness of teaching. It is also the foundation for building teachers’ professional competence.

Developing the joint nursing curriculum follows a systematic path of working, including an analysis of competence requirements of nursing graduates under national frameworks of both China and Finland; a step-to-step comparison of competence, curricula, and course structures; building up students’ learning outcomes and corresponding assessment criteria; and finally a comprehensive integration of all the key elements.

Professional competence building for Chinese nursing teachers:

  • Goal: to develop the competences of selected Beihua nursing teachers through a particular in-service coaching process at JAMK. After the coaching process, the teachers are qualified to assist at JAMK nursing courses taught in English at Beihua.


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