eAMK - The new ecosystem of learning

The key areas of development in the ‘eAMK – The new ecosystem of learning’ project (2017-2020), funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, were shared and cross-institutional online studies and the related digital pedagogy, as well as strengthening connections to working life.  


The results of the eAMK project have been compiled and stored in the Library of Open Educational Resources (aoe.fi). You will find there e.g. quality criteria for online implementations and digital guidance.

The CampusOnline.fi portal brings together online course offers from all 24 universities of applied sciences in Finland.

Joint online courses offering of Finnish universities of applied sciences

CampusOnline.fi brings together the online courses of all the Finnish universities of applied sciences. The online service was opened in 2018 and courses are offered all year round. CampusOnline.fi enables courses to be completed 100% online - wherever best suits the student. In order to develop the quality of online studies, quality criteria and an evaluation tool for online implementations were produced.

Working-life oriented ecosystems of learning

Ecosystems of learning are dynamic and developing entities comprising operators and tools that promote the development of students’ learning and working life practices. Ecosystems of learning are based on the opportunities offered by working life oriented pedagogy and digital learning as well as the application and development of guidance.

Digitalisation of the university of applied sciences’ pedagogy

The digital pedagogical skills of staff at universities of applied sciences were developed in nationwide training. In addition, digital guidance and learning analytics were developed, a series of webinars and a publication on online degrees were produced, and a family of competence badges was created.