CAMS - The Center for Applied Materials Research

CAMS is Jamk’s center of applied research, combining the latest top competence in mechanical engineering and materials technology. CAMS carries out business-oriented research projects aiming to produce new information and create new business activities through product development.

The operations of CAMS are based on the needs of businesses and improving the technological competence within Central Finland. Cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä, based on EduFutura, is at the heart of CAMS.

CAMS overview

CAMS is a true laboratory environment, consisting of three areas which all support each other. Common to all three areas are applied research, cooperation with businesses building from agile trials, and time and place-independent education.

CAMS in brief

  • a laboratory environment enabling agile trials
  • the latest top-level competence in mechanical engineering and materials technology
  • research projects, business cooperation, time and place-independent education


Structural testing in arctic and warm environments
New generation power transmission solutions
Research-related business operations
Mechanical engineering


3D additive manufacturing
Virtual mechanical engineering studies for the needs of businesses
Structural shape optimization
Project planning: optimisation of form in 3D and 4D printing and planning


Development of existing research which applies surface technology
Introducing new ALD technology and development of new engineering applications
Cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä Department of Physics, the Faculty of Information Technology, and the Nanoscience Center (NSC), based on EduFutura

Competitiveness and growth through ALD surface technology

The ALD CoCampus is founded on EduFutura cooperation between JAMK and the University of Jyväskylä, aiming to develop ALD-based applications for businesses. The ALD method allows the construction of very even layer structures which can adapt extremely carefully to surface shapes. The layers can be made at exactly the required thickness, even to the accuracy level of one atom.

The ALD technology allows businesses to develop new and increasingly competitive products. The unique method allows for innovative and active surface coating and material features which cannot be reached as cost-efficiently through any other methods.


  • forest industry
  • health technology
  • packaging industry
  • textile industry

In cooperation: JAMK, the University of Jyväskylä Nanoscience Center (NSC), Department of Physics (material physics), and Faculty of Information Technology (spectral imaging laboratory).

The Moventas business cooperation

Improved gear components for wind turbines

Moventas Gears Oy, which manufactures wind turbine gearboxes, and CAMS cooperate in product development, aiming to develop even better gearbox components for wind turbines. This business cooperation allows the technology to be tested in ways entirely new for JAMK, and utilising research directly in teaching.

Further information: Director Matti Kurki, +358 40 548 2230, firstname.lastname(at)

More information

Matti Kurki

Johtava tutkija, Principal Researcher
Uudistuvan teollisuuden instituutti, Institute of New Industry
Teknologia, School of Technology

Tero Tuovinen

Vanhempi tutkija, Senior Researcher
Uudistuvan teollisuuden instituutti, Institute of New Industry
Teknologia, School of Technology

Elja Kallberg

Vanhempi asiantuntija, Senior Advisor
Uudistuvan teollisuuden instituutti, Institute of New Industry
Teknologia, School of Technology