Future opportunities in biomass terminal operations. The future biomass terminal will have a variety of synergic activities aiming to improve profitability of related businesses. In Biopool-project new technologies and new operating models are tested and demonstrated for the future terminal.

  1. To develop a method for separate of certain fractions from biomass flow. These chips contain high fraction of high value wood extracts to be used as a raw material for chemical and medicine industry.
  2. To demonstrate new biomass drying technologies based on renewable energy in order to improve quality of biomass chips and less water to be transported.
  3. To test new methods in order to improve storability of wood chips and limitation of microbial action and lower the risk of self-ignition.

Company and community partners

Fixteri Oy, Karibu Oy, Dieffenbacher Panelboard Oy, Keski-Suomen Kuljetus Oy, Kosken Megawatti Oy, Tampereen Konepajat Oy, Wiitaseudun Energia Oy, Vision Systems Oy, Development agencies of communities of Northern Central Finland.

Contact information

Tapani Sauranen

Projektipäällikkö, Project Manager
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology