Welcome to the XV Finnish Mechanics Days!

Forum for academic and industrial research in theoretical, computational, and experimental mechanics.

The conference is held on October 2 - 4, 2024, at Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä (Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä, Finland).

This event is organized in association with IFME 2024 Forum (International Forum of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering).

Elämän koulu -taideteos ja Jamkin pääkampus

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Collaboration across diverse fields, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and fluid dynamics, as well as fostering partnerships between industry and academia are key elements of this conference's ethos. 
The primary objective of the Finnish Mechanics Days is to stimulate academic research and its alignment with industrial development in mechanics disciplines, from solid and soil mechanics to fluid dynamics. It offers a gathering point for researchers, engineers, educators, and professionals to connect, engage in discussions, and exchange knowledge.

Throughout its history, the Finnish Mechanics Days have consistently fulfilled their mission of bringing together individuals involved in mechanics, strength theory, and related mathematical challenges. This enduring tradition continues to provide a vital forum for advancing the field of mechanics in Finland and beyond. In this particular event, one emphasis is to consider how artificial intelligence will advance the field in near future. 

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The XV Finnish Mechanics Days programme and schedule

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The Finnish Mechanics Days conference had its inaugural edition in Oulu in 1982 and has continued as a triennial event since then, except for the disruption caused by the pandemic in 2021. 

This conference serves as a vital platform for exploring theoretical, computational, and experimental mechanics covering solids, soils, rocks, and fluids. It spans a wide range of engineering applications, encompassing structural analysis, mechanics of materials, fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, fracture mechanics, fatigue, thermomechanics, micromechanics, contact mechanics, structural optimization, numerical analysis, multibody dynamics, mechatronics, and the design of structures and machines, as well as their industrial and medical applications.


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If you have any questions you can reach us by e-mail: [email protected].


Tero Tuovinen
Senior Researcher
Institute of New Industry | School of Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
[email protected]

Reijo Kouhia
Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering
Tampere University
[email protected]

Jarkko Niiranen
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Aalto University
[email protected]

Conference Committee

XV Finnish Mechanics Days

Tero Frondelius (Wärtsilä)
Rami Korhonen (University of Eastern Finland)
Marko Matikainen (LUT University) 
Antti Niemi (University of Oulu) 
Heidi Niskanen (Patria)
Heidi Piili (University of Turku)
Kati Valpe-Ojala (Jamk)

IFME 2024

Anneli Kakko (Jamk)
Ciprian Lapusan (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania) 
Silvia Satorres (University of Jaen, Spain)

Technical Organizing Committee 

Kati Valpe-Ojala
Project Manager
Institute of New Industry | School of Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
[email protected]

Suvi Skantz
Communication Designer
Institute of New Industry | School of Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
[email protected]

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