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Coming: Web-survey for the day-and-night care personnel

Survey will be opened in the end of February. Data is collected in Finland only. The topics of the survey include good practices and challenges in day-and-night care and also co-operation between families and personnel. 


Web-survey for working parents is finished

Many thanks to all participants - we have got many responses. Information about the results will be available on our web-site later during this year.


Web- survey for working parents

Families 24/7 -project is gathering information with a web-survey from working parents. Data is collected in Finland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom at the same time. The aim of the survey is to gather information about work-family reconciliation, working time practices, parenting and child wellbeing.

The survey is open until 31th January 2013. To enter the survey, click here.


Mail from Illi!

Data gathering started with mobile phones at various day-care centers in April-May. This part of the study collects information on daily transitions and variation in children’s moods. A fairytale figure "Illi" asks the question and assists children.

For more information, please contact: Anna Rönkä, anna.ronka(@)


Welcome to discuss about work, family and daycare. Families 24/7 –research project organizes an morning seminar entitled “Work, family and child care in a 24h economy”, 28th march 2012, at 9- 12.30. The free-of-charge seminar is open to everyone interested on the topic. The seminar will be held in English.

Time: Wednesday 28.3.2012, at 9-12.30
Place: D322, Dynamo, Piippukatu

Sign up: Ulla Teppo, ulla.teppo(at)


9.00- 9.15 Welcome & Introduction, Anna Rönkä (JAMK) and Marja-Leena Laakso (JYU)

9.15-9.45 The Netherlands, Anna Roeters and Tanja van der Lippe, University of Utrecht

9.45-10.15 The United Kingdom, Vanessa May, University of Manchester

10.15-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.15 Finland: Working times of Finnish Families, Tomi Oinas (JYU)

11.15- 11.45 Day-and-night care in Finland, Tuula Ollanketo (City of Jyväskylä)

11.45-12.00 Summing up: Finnish, Dutch, and British families in the EU context, Mia Tammelin (JAMK)

12.00-12.30 Discussion and conclusions, Anna Rönkä (JAMK) and Marja-Leena Laakso (JYU)