• Lyhenne: Personalised Learning
  • Toteutusaika: 1.9.2017 - 31.8.2019
  • Painoala: Uudistuva oppiminen
  • Yksikkö: Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu
  • Rahoitusohjelma: Erasmus+ Key Action 2
  • Projektin kotisivut:
  • Projektin tulokset: Projektin tulokset
The main objective of the project was to develop how to give every student a personalised learning experience. Developing personalised learning is essential in working towards a society where everyone is able to progress, achieve and participate.
Project's 5 intellectual outputs:
  1. Framework Schoolprofile Personalised learning (Sweden)
  2. Description of 'teacherprofiles' with the focus on personalised learning (UK)
  3. Description of the learning environment for a succesful execution of personalised learning (Poland). Important part of this description will be the use of ICT.
  4. Curriculum teachertraining academy with the focus on personalised learning (Finland)
  5. Guideline for implementation of personalised learning (Netherlands).
Each partner was to develop its intellectual output and find practices and tools to enhance personalised learning in European schools.


Seija Koskela, seija.koskela@jamk.fi