Projektin tulokset

During the 2nd year of the ViSuAL-project:

1)2nd cycle for pilots in implementing video-supported collaborative learning -pedagogy started in JAMK:
In Music Pedagogy by Tiina Takkinen ja Rita Varonen.
In Business Pedagogy by Anita Hukkanen and Elina Vaara.
In sustainable gastronomy by Karoliina Väisänen and Franscesca Allievi
In School of Professional Teacher Education by Eila Burns, Tuulia Kiilavuori and Markku Rissanen.

2)Teacher’s manual and MOOC are under preparing. Process is led by Eila Burns and Minna Koskinen both from JAMK School of Professional Teacher Education.

3)Pilots, from the 1st and 2nd round are studies by applying practice-based research -approach led by Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen from JAMK School of Professional Teacher Education together with project colleagues.

During the 1st year of ViSuAL-project:
1)The project website was launched: and a website for more national and local JAMK users:

2)Trainings to use videotechnology in education:
The video-technology companies organised sessions with higher education institutions in terms of supporting the utilizations of the video technology into the pedagogical practices.
Companies involved are:
IRIS Connect
Nordic Simulators
Link to one session organized in JAMK:

The first 20 experiments where videotechnology is implemented in pedagogical practices in HE institutions started.
In JAMK experiments takes place in the School of Professional Teacher Education, School of Health and Social Studies and in School of Business.
In those experiments, teachers have planned to embed the videotechnology into the teaching and learning processes.
In experiments the research interest focuses on examining how videotechnology can enhance the collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge building.