Video Supported Collaborative Learning ViSuAL -project is build on the facts that in teacher training and education in general, seems to be lack of a workable pedagogy for the use of video-based communication tools and platforms to support learning and professionalization to prepare students for a knowledge-based economy and society. In addition, teacher education and training is not providing adequate pedagogical and technical competence for using video tools for collaborative learning.

The ViSuAL-project aims:

1)To develop, test and validate pedagogical models and practices for video-supported collaborative learning.

2) To integrate the created pedagogical model and practices into the teacher education and professionalization to capacitate future HEI teachers.

3.To create, test and validate concepts for experimentation based pedagogical co-creation in partnership of education technology designers, pedagogical researchers, teachers and their students.

4.To provide scientific evidence on the effect of video-based communication tools on professionalization of teacher trainees to support the validation of the pedagogical models.

5.To provide an assessment tool for evaluating impact of video-supported collaborative learning on professional development.

In JAMK the project is run by The School of Professional Teacher Education. Two other schools involved are The School of Health and Social Studies and The School of Business.

More information: Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen (Researcher), School of Professional Teacher Education,, 040-8658 496


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