Teacher Preparation Programme through ODL Mode for Enhancing Quality in Education (TPP-Nepal Project) is a capacity development project between Tribhuvan University, Nepal and JAMK University of Applied Sciences together with HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The partnership has been established during a previous project, Training of Trainers for the Teacher Qualification Upgrading Programme in Nepal (ToT Nepal), that ended in 2015.

In Nepal, the Ministry of Education has introduced a School Sector Reform Program (SSRP) to improve the quality and relevance of education. Ministry has identified a specific need for qualified teachers in math, science and social studies that calls for easily available upgrading programs for teachers across Nepal. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) provides a tool for equitable access to qualification upgrading programs that is accessible also for remote areas and to teachers that are unable to attend classes regularly on campus.

With a share of 88 per cent of Higher Education student enrollment in Nepal through its main, constituent and affiliated campuses, Tribhuvan University (TU) has a key role in implementation of School Sector Reform Program of Nepal. Through providing flexible ODL programmes for secondary level teachers who are currently working with insufficient degree level, TU-FoE can play its part in implementing the Teacher Qualification Upgrading Program for 13,000 working teachers in secondary level schools across Nepal. Qualified teachers equal improved learning results contributing to the academic achievement and employability of the youth of Nepal.

TTP Nepal project contributes to result areas 1-3 of the HEI ICI programme. ODL programmes in math, science and social studies are developed with 30 self-learning material packages for TU-FoE and Regional Campuses. With wider ODL supply, regional campaigns and improved teacher competence, the aim is to increase student enrolment in ODL programmes by 300 % by the end of 2019.

Key Results to be Achieved:

1. Systematic Open and Distance Learning (ODL) management schemes in TU-FoE and Regional Campuses with up-to-date academic ODL programmes for preparing high quality human resources required for the country

2. New Open and Distance Learning (ODL) teaching methods and pedagogical approaches in use at TU-FoE and Regional Campuses

3. Improved access to ODL at TU-FoE and Regional Campuses with an increased number of programmes and courses available

4. Increased enrolment in the ODL programmes and more equal share of special attention groups (women, minority groups)

More Information:

Tuovi Leppänen, Project Manager