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  • Lyhenne: TTT4WBL
  • Toteutusaika: 1.2.2017 - 31.1.2020
  • Painoala: Koulutusosaaminen ja -liiketoiminta
  • Yksikkö: Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu
  • Rahoitusohjelma: Erasmus+ Key Action 3
  • Projektin kotisivut:
  • Projektin kuvaus: Projektin kuvaus

Projektin tulokset

The main question is to test; does the Tandem training model of WBL tutor training work in the Baltic context?
The sub questions are related with the impact of the joint training of VET and workplace tutors:
• How the competences of the VET and workplace tutors have developed according to their own assessment?
• How the collaboration between the VET schools and enterprises have developed?

Data collection process follows the schedules for the WBL tutor training process.
• The aim of the cyclical data collection has been to make possible to develop the WBL tutor training by sharing the findings from each cycle through lead trainers, peer learning visits, in national and transnational meetings and taking into account the preliminary research outcomes.

Results so far:
By the Baltic partners
1. Altogether 820 WBL tutors have been trained in the three Baltic countries during the three phases of the experimentation in Oct 2017- January 2019
2. The Baltic model of the WBL tutor training has been amended according to the experiences of the trainings

By JAMK as the research partner
3. The data collection has been implemented as planned from the trained WBL tutors in the beginning of their training. 69 % (579) of the trained tutors responded in this phase
4. The 6-months-after-training data is collected from those who responded to the first questionnaire. It is still going on until end of April. Responses have been received so far from 42 % (245).
5. Data has been also collected from VET students, and company & VET managers, still in progress

The project continues in 2019 with development of the Baltic training model by the Baltic partners, and, by interpretation of the research data by JAMK.