• Lyhenne: NEEFO
  • Toteutusaika: 1.8.2015 - 31.8.2017
  • Painoala: Biotalous
  • Yksikkö: Teknologia
  • Rahoitusohjelma: Erasmus+ Key Action 2
  • Projektin kotisivut:
Family forestry provides the main use for very large land surface areas in many European countries. Efficient and responsible use of this land is of considerable importance not only for the owners, but also for wider society. The target group of the project is family forest owners who make forest management decisions, based on advice. The project envisages to join forces and share experience from several countries in order to provide better understanding of what are the best ways and methods to channel the knowledge to those, who need it - the forest owners.

The main objective of the project is to promote education of forest owners addressing forest management issues in order to improve the quality of forest management decisions, thus contributing to employment and economic development in rural areas of Europe.

Project partners are five European forest-related organisations from four countries: 2 partners from Latvia, 1 from Estonia, Finland and Slovenia. Partners are of different size and scope, yet they share similar aims and target groups.