• Lyhenne: ConnectedByBiobord
  • Toteutusaika: 1.10.2020 - 30.6.2021
  • Painoala: Biotalous
  • Yksikkö: Teknologia
  • Rahoitusohjelma: Interreg - Baltic Sea Region
  • Projektin kotisivut: http://rdi2club.eu/
  • Projektin kuvaus: Projektin kuvaus

Projektin tulokset

ConnectedByBiobord 01.10.2020 - 30.06.2021

The implementation of the project begun directly after the main project RDI2CluB, in October 2020. First step was a kick off where the project work plan, communication, partnership agreement and programme rules were presented. 

The first project month also included a Transnational Workshop to outline the to be piloted innovation process. A three step, iterative process was selected:
- Co-learn
- Co-design
- Co-effectuate

In the following months, three thematic pilots (food, forest, tech) were testing out this process. Same time they were learning and networking in transnational context. The process and co-creation methods were tested out e.g through innovation events (hackathon), field demos and thematic analysis studies. 

Second aim of the project was to create sustainable and practical co-operation plans, called Joint Agendas,  for the partnership (Biobord network). The themes of the agendas were food, forest and tech. The aim of the agendas is to guide the future go operation of the network, especially after the project lifetime. 

Main outputs of the project:

* 4 Joint Agendas: sustainable food system, digital forestry, use of new technologies in the monitoring of wildanimals, innovation co-operation 
* Innovation guide with practical tips and learnt lessons for joint innovation process and co-creation
* Updated operating model for the Biobord network
* Updated operating model for the Biobord-platform