• Lyhenne: RDI2CluB
  • Toteutusaika: 12.6.2017 - 31.12.2020
  • Painoala: Biotalous
  • Yksikkö: Teknologia
  • Rahoitusohjelma: Muu EU-rahoitus
  • Projektin kotisivut: http://www.rdi2club.eu/
  • Projektin kuvaus: Projektin kuvaus

Projektin tulokset


All publications and results are available in rdi2club.eu. Here we present the main outputs in summary.

Regional bioeconomy profile is a collection of bioeconomy related statistical data (production, employment, turnover, etc.) of a regional area. It enables a comprehensive picture of a regions bioeconomy performance and gives ideas on the possible development areas in bioeconomy. Bioeconomy profile default setting is the comparison of a region to national average. In addition, bioeconomy profile tool also enables comparison between the regions.
Bioeconomy profile is a regional development tool that is intended mainly for the use of the regional authorities and development agents.

Joint Action Plan (JAP) is the document aiming to support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in bio-economy in rural regions. It is developed in cooperation of authorities working with aim to implement national smart specialisation strategy, universities, RDI institutes, business development bodies, clusters, SMEs in bio-economy business and other stakeholders. Actions planned arise from Bio-economy profile of the region, consisting of objective facts on the present performance and the future potential of bio-economy in regions and good practices and lessons learnt from other bio-economy clusters and bioregions, and SWOT analysis.

The JAP is including measures and actions, structured in two groups:
1) internal (regional and/or national) measures and actions (to be implemented by one or several actors at regional level),
2) transnational measures and actions (to be implemented by involving partners from two or more different regions).

JAP is elaborated as roadmap and is connected to the EU, EUSBSR, national and regional policies and strategies, aiming to promote regional development, innovation and bio-economy. Long term objectives and actions defined JAPs can propose strategic and policy changes. In addition, short and medium term actions align with already existing policies and either be complementary to the existing measures or provide a more practical, focused actions in the framework of existing priorities and funding schemes.

Biobord is an open virtual innovation hub for bioeconomy developers. On Biobord, we offer our network members tools for managing the project lifecycle, network building and management, interactive online capacity building, matchmaking and connecting with innovation support services.

The Biobord Operating Model 1.0 describes the potential of our network, the functionalities of the platform as well as the user profiles and service paths. Furthermore, the Operating Model provides practical guidance and tools for the uptake of the Biobord, creation of the service paths as well as continuous improvement of the forum community building. It also contains the Biobord user policies and user guides.

Visit Biobord at biobord.eu.

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