Values, Mission & Vision

Bridge and sky

Our Values

RISEN Alliance, as part of higher education and research in Europe, supports the European way of life through quality and relevance for future-proof skills, diversity, and inclusion. We are engaged to defending academic values and freedom of scientific research. We promote active citizenship, equality and diversity, social cohesion, critical thinking and openness, and trust in democratic practices.

The core values of RISEN University Alliance reflect our foundational beliefs. They will give direction to our actions and will guide our decisions. These values are:

  • Solution-oriented – by virtue of an entrepreneurial mindset, always aiming for innovation.
  • Connected – to our stakeholders, economy and society.
  • Responsible – in how and what we produce and consume, and through the quality standards we adhere to.
  • Engaged – towards a more sustainable future and through leading by example.
  • Ethical – striving for a positive impact for all stakeholders in everything we do.
  • Inclusive – embracing diversity and providing equal access to opportunities and resources.

Our Mission

The mission of RISEN University Alliance answers the most fundamental WHY-question: why do we exist, why do we collaborate?

RISEN University Alliance is strongly committed to stimulating sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals through education, research and service to society. In all these activities we aim to innovate our learners, ourselves, our surrounding ecosystems, and society.

The RISEN partners are joining forces to address issues of sustainability through investing in challenge-based approaches and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and competencies. Sustainability issues are by nature complex and require cooperation across disciplines and stakeholders. We strongly believe that by translating these issues into transnational and multi-disciplinary challenges – for our students, academics, economic and civic partners, and ecosystems – we will strengthen cooperation and foster innovation on a European scale. A solid entrepreneurial mindset is the key competence to explore and elaborate creative solutions. Integrating and nurturing the competence of entrepreneurship in all our educational and research activities is our consortium’s unique selling point. We define entrepreneurship as identifying the need and opportunity for sustainable innovation and mobilising people and resources to generate value for the public, private or voluntary sectors.

The RISEN partners constitute a geographically well-balanced Alliance of higher education institutions and learning ecosystem with an exemplary track record on sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation. We have implemented sustainability and entrepreneurship in our university strategies, and our educational programmes and key research areas are focused on achieving these ambitions. We are strongly committed to international cooperation, diversity and inclusion, and stimulate European identity and global citizenship among our students and staff.

Together we will RISE above what we can do as individual institutions, enhance our quality and competitiveness, and advance the sustainable development of our cities, regions and the EU overall.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future development of higher education and the ecosystems we belong to defines WHAT we want to achieve.

Our principal achievement will be to forge a inter-university entrepreneurial campus, with free movement of students, academic and non-academic staff, and our economic and civic partners. The RISEN trans-university campus will be our meeting point for interdisciplinary and challenge-based cooperation, be it physical, virtual or blended, sowing the seeds of future European knowledge-creating teams. As such we directly contribute to an innovative, globally competitive and attractive European Education Area, as well as to the European University Association’s 2030 vision for ’Universities without walls’.

In education, we aim to:

  • Train and empower a new generation of students and alumni, equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and competencies, committed to promoting sustainable production and consumption, internationally aware and competent, and ready to respond to complex challenges in economy and society.
  • Strengthen the continuous professional development of our teachers and support staff, providing them with innovative pedagogical methods to engage in challenge-based and entrepreneurial learning and diverse career paths.
  • Expand our lifelong learning offer and make it practice-oriented, meeting the needs of businesses and organisations, in particular the sustainability challenges they are faced with and the competencies required to tackle them.

Together, our RISEN community of students, staff and lifelong learners will be the change agents for a sustainable future.

In research, we strive for:

  • Intensive international collaboration between our researchers and research areas working on sustainability challenges, combining national best-practice approaches, maximising our collective capacity and critical thinking, and increasing the quality, competitiveness, impact and visibility of our expertise. Together we drive transformation processes forward.
  • Joint professional development of researchers, equipping them with the most innovative methodologies to work across disciplines and national borders, with the involvement of economic and civic partners, applying a challenge-based approach.
  • Transparent and comprehensible research and transfer processes via Open Science.
  • In-depth cooperation with students and knowledge transfer to our educational programmes.
  • Maximum incubation of our research results into innovative business ideas.

As for our service to society, the RISEN University Alliance will engage in social responsibility through:

  • Translating our educational and research expertise into a training offer for societal actors.
  • Actively prospecting for sustainability challenges our civic partners are faced with, to include them in our teaching and research.
  • Fostering trans-European linkages and collaboration between our institutions, associated partners and civic partners, together developing innovative solutions for work-based learning and traineeships.
  • Leading by example. We will develop an open offer of courses, modules and projects on sustainability, and strengthen our start-up programmes for students, advising and coaching them from preliminary entrepreneurial ideas to successful solutions and innovations for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Actively participating to the work and renewal of regional ecosystems by sustainable entrepreneurship,  innovation and internationalisation.

Finally, we will pursue the highest quality in all our activities, aiming for academic excellence. We will install a lean framework and quality system that will guide us through the implementation of our strategic priorities and help us engage in a constant dialogue on how to secure and improve our strengths in entrepreneurial and challenge-based education and research.